MVP REIT is closed to new investments.

Diversification and Balance

The current historically low interest rate environment poses a significant challenge for those seeking to generate investment income. MVP REIT, Inc. (“MVP REIT”) may offer income-seeking investors a solution. MVP REIT seeks to provide its stockholders*:

  • Monthly distributions
  • Capital appreciation that may be earned through an increase in value of MVP REIT’s real estate portfolio upon the end of the investment holding period

Strategic Opportunity

MVP REIT intends to employ a strategic diversification*** investment plan centered on opportunities in growing markets across the United States where commercial real estate values may be depressed. We believe there may be an opportunity to acquire undervalued income-producing assets in these markets, thereby potentially providing additional profit upon their sale, should property values increase.**

  • Income-producing commercial properties that are available at attractive prices, thereby providing potential upside.
  • Real estate-secured loans tied to income-producing commercial real estate assets that may provide steady distributions.

This hybrid strategy is designed to provide investors with a balanced commercial real estate investment opportunity that may deliver steady distributions and long-term capital appreciation.

*** Diversification does not ensure a profit or guarantee against a loss.

Target Markets

We believe demand for commercial property across the U.S. will continue to grow based upon a number of factors, including continued population growth. Many commercial real estate markets in these regions remain at or near the lows established during the Great Recession.


* CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE RISK FACTORS, which may affect our ability to achieve these results.
** MVP REIT has not yet acquired a diverse portfolio of assets.